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President's remarks

Established in December of 1954, SinoMaps Press is the only national-level map publisher in China. With the development of a half century, the Press now has a total staff of nearly 500, including over 3/4 professionals of various disciplines.
During the past 50 years, with the efforts of staff members and the supports from all circles of life, the Press has fulfilled its self-improving process and made important contribution to the economic construction, national defense, foreign affairs, education and people's cultural life.
Having been persisting in the correct publishing guidelines from the beginning, and following the market-oriented and reader-oriented policy, SinoMaps Press has established a coordinated production structure of reference maps, school maps and textbooks, periodicals and magazines, academic books, electronic maps, supplementary textbooks and special map products. The Press is reputed in the publishing industry of China for the authenticity, the updateness, the quality and the service of its map products, and ranks among the best publishers of China in terms of publication titles, economic efficiency, social popularity and overall strength; its publication can be found in almost every home of China and are also very popular worldwide.
SinoMaps Press specially represents the most authentic and reliable map publisher on drafting the standard boundaries and administrative division boundaries of China. Since the 1950s, SinoMaps Press has been undertaking the compiling and publishing of textbooks, teachers' reference books, atlases, wall maps and drill (exercise) atlases on courses of history, geography, and social life, for primary schools, middle schools and universities in China. In the curriculum reform, the newly compiled textbooks of Geography, History, Virtue and Life, Virtue and Society, Information Technology and Biology have been approved by the "Examination Committee for Primary and Middle Schools Textbooks" under the Ministry of Education, and have been successfully promoted in the whole country.
During the 50 years since its establishment, SinoMaps Press has published over 13,600 titles of various maps and atlas, textbooks, academic books and journals in a total of 3.65 billion copies, accounting for 90% of China's total map publications, of which more than 100 have won various national-level or ministry-level prizes, including The National General Atlas of P. R. China, the National Economic Atlas of P. R. China.
Looking ahead, we will adhere to the motto of "Cooperation, Effectiveness, Sincerity, and Creativeness", by emancipating our mind, changing our concept, advancing with the times, and upholding the innovative spirit, and strive for a goal-building SinoMaps Press into a first class press in China and a famous publisher in the world.
Atlas of China
Atlas of World Heritage China(English)
Beijing Olympic Venues Tourism and Traffic Map
Atlas of Distribution of National Minorities in China
Omnibus Series of Wudang Culture
Historical Atlas of Confucius
Atlas of the world
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